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Are you and your home ready for a Toronto winter? It’s important to make sure you have a reliable source of heat to warm your home throughout the coldest months of the year. Gas fireplace installation is among the few home improvement projects that should be left to the professionals to execute. Read on to learn more about fireplace installation in Toronto and the greater Toronto area (GTA)!

Providing Fireplace Installation in Toronto & GTA

The professionals at Daikin are trained in professional fireplace installation with integrity, and they never take shortcuts. Daikin’s efficient and reliable heating systems are made with the long-term in mind, so you can trust that our Toronto installations in Toronto will not disappoint.

100% Guaranteed Installation From the Fireplace Experts 

When you choose Daikin to install your gas fireplace, the installation is 100% guaranteed. If you’re unsatisfied with any part of your fireplace installation, simply contact a Daikin professional and we will sort it out for you. 

The Cost of Installing a Brand New Gas Fireplace

The cost of fireplace installation depends on a number of factors, including whether your fireplace is being built custom for the space or if it’s been pre-fabricated. The average cost to install a new gas fireplace is $4,000 USD, or about $5000 CAD. You may be able to keep costs as low as $800 CAD, but you could be looking at something as costly as $12,000 CAD with added customizations. The team at Daikin values you as our customer and will help you find a fireplace installation that suits your paycheque!

Does a Gas Fireplace Require Venting 

You might be thinking, Doesn’t every fireplace need venting? Actually, gas fireplaces are becoming more and more popular because of the option to install a ventless gas fireplace!

Fireplace Universe explains it perfectly: “Natural vent gas fireplaces need to be vented using a traditional masonry chimney with flue liner, direct vent gas fireplaces need to be vented directly from the outside and ventless gas fireplaces don’t need to be directly vented.” Ventless gas fireplaces offer more versatility in terms of where you can install them, because they intake air from a home and exhaust it right back into the room. Without an external venting system, you can install ventless fireplaces virtually anywhere in your home! 

Why it’s Better to Choose the Fireplace Experts 

Doing a fireplace installation by yourself (or even with a few extra hands) is a big job. Leave it to the experts so you can save your back and rest assured that your new fireplace will work safely and properly. The professionals at Daikin value high-quality, long-lasting installations and do not take shortcuts. It’s best to choose fireplace experts for your newest fireplace installation – save yourself the work and get the job done by Daikin professionals.

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