How Long Should a Lennox Air Conditioner Last?

How Long Should a Lennox Air Conditioner Last

Air conditioners are hardworking machines that have seen millions of people through the scorching weather. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. After a reasonable amount of time, your AC unit may start to deteriorate, as indicated by the increasing number of repairs required. At this point, your old AC unit may be near the end of its life span, so you will need to buy a new air conditioner as a replacement.

The average life expectancy of an air conditioner is a common question among homeowners. Since it isn’t practical to keep replacing your AC unit, there’s usually an expectation that your new purchase will sustain for many years. Fortunately, Lennox air conditioners are known for their extensive longevity. These AC units are structurally robust and durable, making them great value investments for the long term.

How long should a Lennox air conditioner last? In the following guide, we will describe the average life span of a Lennox air conditioner. We will also provide several useful tips to improve your AC unit’s longevity.

How long should Lennox air conditioners last?

On average, Lennox air conditioners can last for 15 to 20 years. These sturdy and reliable AC units will remain operational for over a decade, typically without any significant repairs or replacements needed.

However, a Lennox air conditioner’s life span is also affected by the amount of ongoing maintenance. When an air conditioner is properly maintained, you are more likely to maximize its longevity. You should schedule regular check-ups for your AC unit, which ensures the system is still working optimally. During this inspection, a Lennox air conditioner repair technician will offer a detailed diagnosis, giving you an accurate update on the AC’s life expectancy.

How to maximize a Lennox air conditioner’s life expectancy

The best way to maximize a Lennox air conditioner’s life span is with regular and timely maintenance. An annual air conditioner check-up should suffice, but you may need more frequent inspections with an older AC unit. Regular maintenance is the best proactive approach for homeowners, since you can quickly root out any problems that are damaging your AC’s life span.

Some homeowners don’t start maintaining their Lennox air conditioners until a serious problem has occurred. However, this isn’t the best practice for extending the unit’s longevity. The longer you let an issue fester within your AC system, the more potential damage it may cause in the long term. Instead, it is crucial that you perform prompt and professional air conditioner repairs to minimize the damages.

What can reduce a Lennox air conditioner’s life span?

What can reduce a Lennox air conditioner’s life spanFrom deteriorating parts to malfunctioning wiring, old air conditioners are faced with a variety of problems over their life span. Each of these problems may have an adverse effect on the Lennox air conditioner’s longevity. Even minor problems can accumulate, slowly whittling away at the unit’s usability. If left untreated, these problems can do enough damage to reduce your AC’s functionality permanently.

As your Lennox air conditioner gets older, you may be more alert to several warning signs that will impact the system’s longevity. Watch out for these following problems that may reduce your air conditioner’s life span:

Improper AC Installation

Sometimes, your air conditioner’s problems begin from the moment of its installation. Many technical issues arise when the AC hasn’t been set up properly. Even if the air conditioner seems to be working, an improper installation means that your unit may not be running at full efficiency. In some situations, you could cause permanent damage to your air conditioner when mistakes are made with the installation.

As a homeowner, you may be tempted to flex your DIY muscle and install the new Lennox air conditioner by yourself. However, it’s best to leave the installation process to the professionals. A Lennox air conditioner technician will be able to install your unit with expertise and accuracy, ensuring the AC system runs perfectly.

Poor Air Flow

Does the air coming from your air conditioner feel weak and insufficient? If so, you may have a problem with the air flow. Poor air circulation can be a simple matter of clogged ducts, but it could also be a warning sign that your AC is on its last legs. Similarly, lukewarm air may indicate a problem with the coolant, so your Lennox AC unit is probably in need of a professional tune-up.

Air Conditioner Leaks

The severity of air conditioner leaks may range from relatively minor to dangerously severe. Leaking air conditioner coolant is toxic and may end up being a huge health hazard in your home. Likewise, leaking water can cause mould to grow, release spores into the air, and damage your property. If you notice any unusual leaks in your Lennox air conditioners, make sure you get the system checked right away.

Air Conditioner Noises

Have you been hearing strange noises from your Lennox air conditioner? These sounds can be almost anything out of the ordinary, such as a loud bang, a strange squeak, or a persistent grinding noise. If you keep hearing noises from the air conditioner, your unit may need to be repaired or replaced. Contact a Lennox air conditioner repair service to find the source of the problem.

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