How to Choose an Energy Efficient Lennox Air Conditioner

Air conditioning makes the summer temperatures more comfortable, particularly on those hot and humid days. Many homeowners turn on the air conditioner right before summer strikes, and this system often remains in operation until the end of the season. As the AC unit continues to run, you may be alarmed by how much power it is consuming. Fortunately, picking an energy efficient Lennox air conditioner will put those concerns at ease.

Lennox air conditioners are known for their high-energy efficiency. This is great news for reducing your home utility costs, since high efficiency air conditioners will generally lead to lower energy consumption. Over the years, Lennox has established an extensive line of air conditioners that excel in their energy efficiency capabilities. These AC units will help you to save significant margins on your energy bills in the long term.

Are you excited about the potential savings you’ll make from your AC unit’s energy efficiency? Here is a guide on how to choose an energy efficient air conditioner from the Lennox brand:

Energy Efficiency Ratings: SEER vs. EER

An energy efficient air conditioner is determined by the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Both ratings measure an air conditioner unit’s energy efficiency, which is calculated using the BTU (British Thermal Unit) metric. EER is often used to analyze window air conditioners, while SEER is paired with central air conditioning systems or heat pumps.

Another important differentiation is that EER measures the energy efficiency at a singular air temperature, either at an indoor temperature of 27°C or an outdoor temperature of 35°C. In contrast, SEER measures the energy efficiency throughout the entire season duration. This rating is calculated as an average of the fluctuating temperatures over the course of the season.

For both systems, a higher rating will generally translate to greater energy efficiency. You’ll be glad to know that Lennox air conditioners have SEER ratings that can go as high as 26, particularly for the Lennox XC25 model. This means the Lennox air conditioner uses less power consumption, and you’ll spend less money on utility bills as a result.

ENERGY STAR® Certification

Look out for the bright blue ENERGY STAR® certification that you’ll find on an energy efficient air conditioner. When this certification is granted, it means the air conditioner may use an average of 8% less energy than the standard new central air conditioners. In Canada, a qualified central air conditioner also requires a minimum SEER rating of 12 for single units and a minimum SEER rating of 13 for split systems.

Lennox is proud to offer many air conditioners officially qualified by ENERGY STAR. This certification demonstrates Lennox’s commitment to energy efficient HVAC systems that make a positive difference to your power consumption. In addition, Lennox has been rewarded by Green Builder Magazine’s annual Home of the Year and Sustainability Awards. The “Green Innovation of the Year” award recognizes the company’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

Air Conditioner Size

Size matters when choosing an energy efficient air conditioner. Problems may occur if the air conditioner is too small or too big for your home. When the unit is too small, it will run continuously without ever managing to cool the entirety of your home. This will result in a house that might be too warm for your liking, in addition to higher energy costs.

When the unit is too large, it will cool the house too quickly. While this may sound good in theory, it affects the air conditioner’s dehumidification process and will leave the air in your home feeling damp. An oversized AC unit may also lead to temperature inconsistencies, and your room temperature levels may never seem comfortable due to these fluctuations.

Fortunately, Lennox air conditioners are offered in a variety of sizes to match each home’s unique needs. With so many different products available, there is an optimally sized Lennox air conditioner suitable for your house. If you are unsure about which air conditioner size to get, contact an air conditioner technician to get the best recommendations.

Programmable Temperature

An innovative feature found in energy efficient HVAC systems is the ability for programmable temperatures. This feature allows you to set the AC unit at a preferred temperature. Whenever the AC unit reaches this temperature level, the system will shut off automatically. This may help you save on energy efficiency, since you have greater control over when the AC system should run or not.

Wi-fi Connectivity

In today’s modern world, we can connect so many of our devices and household appliances to the Wi-Fi network. This technological feature extends to your air conditioner as well. Smart systems make it simple to customize cooling schedules, and they can adapt to your preferences for long-term financial savings.

Lennox offers air conditioner models that include a Wi-Fi thermostat. This technology allows for advanced scheduling, along with a unique One-Touch Away Mode that saves on energy. In addition, you can connect to your Lennox air conditioner with remote access from anywhere in the world, via your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

If you still have questions about choosing an energy efficient air conditioner, our professional technicians can help! We will provide guidance on the best Lennox air conditioner for your home, along with proper installation and regular maintenance as part of our services. Contact us today!

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