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If you have a furnace that needs repairing in the Toronto area, a quick Google search for ‘Daikin furnace repair Toronto’ should bring you right here! We’re here to ease your worries about getting your furnace working. Contact us with all your servicing needs and get your furnace up and running before winter hits Toronto.

Daikin At a Glance

Daikin professionals hold themselves to high standards as a world-class international brand. Our company has been around for nearly 100 years and sells products in over 140 countries. Based in Japan, our company focuses on quality products and efficient delivery of high-quality HVAC solutions, all while maintaining an atmosphere of innovation and reliability that has “transformed the market.”

By consistently maintaining the cleanliness, proper functioning and servicing of your home furnace, you can avoid costly repairs and slow down the approach of the eventual–and largely dreaded–furnace replacement. This means regularly “cleaning, monitoring and servicing your furnace” at home, with the help of a little patience and a good guide. Taking care of your furnace isn’t just good for the appliance, but will improve your experience with maintaining consistent heating at home. Who doesn’t want a warm living room during a cold winter in Toronto?

How to Replace Your Daikin Air Filter

When replacing your Daikin Air Filter, it’s important to be careful with the parts so as not to break, bend or otherwise damage them in the process of removal and reinstallation. Follow the instructions below from FurnacePrices.ca:

“1. Take care to open the panel to your Daikin furnace. It may slide open or need to be unscrewed to [be] pried gently.

  1. Locate your filter. It is likely going to be near the cold air return or the blower chamber, or sometimes both. Take it out carefully.
  2. Slide in a new filter, or clean the old one and put it back. If there is an endcap, return it to where it was.
  3. Check to ensure that the airflow arrows are pointed in the right direction, to go with the direction of the blower and not against it.
  4. Return the panel to your unit, sliding, snapping or screwing it back into place” (FurnacePrices.ca).

That’s it! It’s an easy fix, whether you’re mechanically inclined or not. Next, we’ll show you how to diagnose your furnace problems and how to fix them, so you can get back to a warm house as soon as possible. 

Daikin Furnace Repair Guide

The first and most important thing to do before beginning any furnace repairs is to turn off the power to your Daikin unit. This helps prevent sparking, short circuiting and the possibility for electrocution.

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, lower temperatures than indicated on the thermostat, strange noises, more frequent on/off cycles or a non-functioning furnace, you may have a problem with your vents, thermostat or internal furnace parts. Other issues can include leaking, bad smelling air coming out of the furnace, a blower that won’t shut off or your carbon monoxide (CO) monitor going off.

You can troubleshoot some of these common problems at home using the Daikin Toronto website and this Pick HVAC resource, but we also encourage you to read the section below entitled “When to Call a Professional to Repair Your Daikin Furnace.”

Daikin Furnace Error Codes

If you’re having trouble figuring out what’s actually going wrong with your furnace, try reading the issue(s) with an error code reader. Once you have the relevant error codes, you can search up what they individually mean on the Daikin Global Error Code Search. This tool is intended to show what error codes likely represent, but content may differ slightly depending on models. You can also check this convenient guide if you’re struggling to identify the error codes your reader is showing.

When to Call a Professional to Repair Your Daikin Furnace 

Some simple furnace repairs can be done right out of your home without the help of a professional. That said, if you find any of the following problems, you should call a professional to repair your Daikin furnace: 

“If your furnace is not producing heat, if it is dripping or leaking fluid, if your boiler switches itself on and off or if it is making strange clanging or whistling sounds, these are more severe problems that will take an expert to remedy. In some cases, your warranty may cover the cost of parts and possibly repair, so don’t hesitate to call someone” (FurnacePrices.ca).

It’s appealing to service your furnace the DIY way, but sometimes it’s safer to leave it to the professionals so you don’t risk unregulated heating or boiling, fluid leaks or electrical currents. Call a professional at Daikin today and get your furnace running properly and reliably!

Daikin’s Warranty Coverage

Depending on the model of your furnace, Daikin has a variety of warranties and coverage. You may be covered for the entire unit, parts and even repairs! Check the warranty you got when you bought your furnace, or refer to the guide below:

  • Lower Tier: 12-year limited warranty on parts
  • Mid Tier: 12-year limited warranty on parts and 6-year limited warranty on unit replacement
  • Top Tier: 12-year limited warranty on parts and 12-year limited warranty on unit replacement

If you don’t currently have a warranty or haven’t accessed your coverage plan, go online to register and access your Daikin furnace warranty as soon as possible! 

You never know when your furnace might crap out on you, so it’s best to be prepared for it when it happens. If you need a repair by a professional, search for ‘Daikin furnace repair Toronto’ and call us today!

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