Daikin Gas Furnaces Toronto: What You Need to Know

Voted the Most Efficient Gas Furnaces by Energy Star in 2021, Daikin gas furnaces offer the most advanced heating technology to provide you with unmatchable service.

Using tubular stainless steel heat exchangers, Daikin gas furnaces provide consistent heating throughout winter; thanks to cross-functional design, they also aid air flow when you switch to air conditioning in the warmer months.

Our Daikin gas furnaces Toronto are the top on the market for homeowners looking to upgrade or replace their current heating system.

To achieve such high AFUE ratings, the Daikin gas furnace relies on the power of an insulated heat exchanger. With a design optimized for energy efficiency, each model is made with consumers in mind.

Core Features

When you buy a Daikin gas furnace, you can expect flawless performance with state-of-the-art technology. Each furnace is made to be as sustainable as possible, so your energy consumption can lower without scaling back on your comfort.

  • Dakin gas furnaces feature self-modulating or two-stage valves, each built to fit every installation perfectly
  • A fully self-sufficient diagnostics system routinely monitors your furnace‚Äôs performance and air flow to make necessary adjustments
  • To improve efficiency, Daikin gas furnaces have fully insulated and secondary heat exchangers
  • For the greatest comfort and convenience, the furnace is fully compatible with the Daikin One+ smart thermostat

Daikin Furnace & Air Conditioner Repair

Within 60 days of installation, you can register your Daikin furnace with your dealer to qualify for a 12-year limited parts warranty, 6-year unit replacement limited warranty and lifetime heat exchanger warranty. The latter lasts as long as you stay in your home.

Daikin furnaces are built to last, but if you need serving or repairs, our team is available anytime. As an authorized Daikin dealer in Toronto, we can provide maintenance and repairs for all Daikin gas furnaces and air conditioners.

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