Why You Have a Frozen Air Conditioner and How to Fix It

woman freezing at home

Whether in a bustling city or a quiet rural area, a fully-functioning and efficient air conditioner can be a worthwhile investment during the summer. These cooling units provide a much-needed escape from the scorching temperatures and unbearable humidity. It also helps people become more productive, sleep better, and improve their quality of life. 

However, as essential as these units are, they can also be frustrating if they aren’t functioning correctly. One of the most common issues with air conditioning systems is a frozen cooling system, which can cause the unit to stop working. Feeling stressed and calling the technicians are essential, but you must also understand why it happens to prevent it from recurring. 

If you’re ready to enjoy a comfortable summer, here are five reasons you have a frozen air conditioner and how to fix them. 

1. Clogged Air Filter

Homeowners commonly have frozen air conditioners because they have dirty air filters. If you don’t clean these components regularly, dirt and dust can accumulate, blocking the air from flowing correctly. It can cause the refrigerant to over-cool and freeze any moisture in the air conditioning system, forcing the machine to blow out warm air. 

You can maintain your cooling system’s proper functioning by checking the air filters monthly. Although cleaning them can help remove dirt accumulation, you should replace the components every three months or if it’s too dirty to clean. That way, you can save money on frustratingly high energy bills. 

2. Drainage Issues

The primary problems with drainage include blockages caused by dirt and open drain lines and pipes. If dirt accumulates, it can impede water flow and cause the system to freeze. Similarly, when you have loose drainage pipes, water can leak around the air conditioning unit, eventually freezing if you don’t address it. 

You can prevent problems with your drainage pipes during humid weather by regularly checking that water flows smoothly through the system. If you notice any blockages, seek professional help to assess and address the issue.

3. Low Refrigerant 

Inadequate refrigerant levels are one of the reasons your AC unit may freeze up and cause other issues. When your refrigerant is low, the evaporator coils can freeze, causing your AC to malfunction. This issue can also occur due to leaks caused by holes or cracks in the rings.

If you think there might be a leak, immediately shut off your air conditioning and seek the help of an HVAC expert.

4. Fan Malfunction

If your air conditioner is frozen, it could be due to a faulty fan. You can determine if this component isn’t correctly working if it’s not moving, moving slower than usual, or making rattling noises. When it’s malfunctioning, condensation will accumulate on the AC coils, causing them to freeze. It also happens if you’ve used the fan too much or the previous technician installed it incorrectly. 

If you encounter a damaged or non-functional fan, immediately switch off the unit and contact your local HVAC contractors. They’ll have the tools and knowledge to repair or replace this component. 

5. Thermostat Levels 

It may seem tempting to do it on a scorching summer day, but excessively using your air conditioner and setting it to a low temperature can cause your AC to freeze. That’s because the colder temperature increases the chance of the coils freezing. Also, overusing your cooling unit can lead to frustratingly high energy bills.

You can prevent future issues with your air conditioner by limiting its use and avoiding running it overnight. Only use low-temperature settings during extremely hot or humid days. 


Nobody deserves to have a frozen air conditioner at home because it can prevent you from enjoying a comfortable summer. You can avoid stressful situations by understanding why this issue happens, scheduling regular maintenance, and working with reputable HVAC technicians. 

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